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Raised amid the rich musical culture and history of the San Francisco Bay Area, Monophonics proudly carry the torch through the generations into today’s musical landscape. Holding on to tradition, but by no means purists of any kind, they play their own brand of music known as “Psychedelic Soul.”

The 2012 release of Monophonics last album In Your Brain saw the band pulling influences from such acts as early Funkadelic, Sly and The Family Stone and the The Temptation’s Norman Whitfield produced records. With the new album, Sound of Sinning (April 1, 2015 on Transistor Sound Records), the band has grown in all areas of record making and felt a need to explore other important influences. While the group has come to cherish these inspirations, with Sound of Sinning they started venturing beyond, to the groups that were inspiring those soul acts to embrace the psychedelic sound of the 60’s and 70’s. Bands such as The Zombies, The Beatles, Beach Boys and Pink Floyd. Even with the experimentation of new musical territory, they display the sound that people know and love about Monophonics.


Big Daddy Love

Having only been together since the Summer of 2009, Big Daddy Love-- founded by high school friends from the rural mountains of Sparta, NC-- was just playing a handful of North Carolina markets when they made their first trip to Floyd in 2010, where they won the prestigious "Under The Radar" contest for the best new artist at the large, Virginia festival. The fresh, vital sound and energized performance of this new band simply blew people away, and with the fan-voted award under their belts, Big Daddy Love returned home and began to build their grass roots following in earnest. 

Big Daddy Love is a five-piece band with a unique and natural blend of rock, roots and grass that they call ‘Appalachian Rock’. Above the mix, the lead vocals and acoustic guitar accompaniment of their principal songwriter, Scott Moss, command the listener's attention and call for the harmonies that arise in response. Twin leads of Stratocaster riffs and soaring Allman-esque slide guitar on the one hand, and 5-string Scruggs / Fleck style banjo on the other-- like a typical Southern rock line-up, just replacing the second guitar with the banjo-- punctuate and emphasize what Moss delivers. These contrasting voices are anchored by a rhythm section that is equally at home in a groove or driving the bus with country, swing, funk or straight ahead rock. Big Daddy Love's high-energy performances, fueled by this combination of fiery vocals, striking instrumental dynamics that range from bombastic assaults to soothing grooves, have garnered them a strong, passionate following throughout their home region. 


Bennet Wales & the Relief

Virginia Beach’s Bennett Wales & the Relief are living proof that raw talent, ambition & honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. The bands musical discoveries take flight with a compelling combination of rich pop layers & mixed stylings of rhythm & blues, rock & Americana. By melding hook-filled melody within groove-able rhythms, Bennett Wales & the Relief show their ability to compact a vast array of influence & experience into a singular & distinct sound.

Together the quintet provides a vast amount of influences & gift a broadened door of multiple genre stylings to music enthusiasts & listeners alike. Some of the top band influences consist of: Alabama Shakes, Chris Stapleton, The Meters, Little Feat, Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears, Vulfpeck & Black Angels.



The Instigatorz from Lewisburg, WV put their own spin on a variety of popular music from the 1960’s to today and always keep the energy high. The band features a full horn section and play eclectic rock and reggae originals and covers.  Some of the artists they cover include Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang, Bruce Springsteen, The Mighty Mighty Bostones, The Temptations, Van Morrison, Al Green, The Revivalists and many more.  They also play some original songs written by their own Philip McLaughlin.

The musicians in the band come from a variety of musical backgrounds including jazz, big band, blues, reggae and rock.  You’ll be amazed how this variety of musical styles has influenced The Instigatorz to create their own unique sound.

Former Steel Pterodactyl members Chris Baker (vocals, guitar) and Philip McLaughlin (guitar, vocals) have joined local all-star musicians to form The Instigatorz. Other members of the band include Jeff Eisenbeiss (rhythm guitar, vocals), Ryan Davis (bass), Butch White (drums), Rick Leatherman (tenor sax), Josh Corder  (bari sax), Steve Metzler (trombone), and Brennen Wood ( trumpet).

The Instigatorz debuted at the Winter Music Festival in Lewisburg, WV in February 2017 and were a huge hit!